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In this section, I have categorized various links that students may find helpful for academic work and general productivity.  Some of the websites are already well known, but I hope you discover some new gems below too.

Just because I have linked to a website does not mean I agree with all the information on it.  I am in no way responsible for the content on the websites listed here.

General Writing Assistance

This essential resource delves into nearly every writing topic imaginable.  Some of the subject matter can be viewed in video format.

One of the most trusted sources out there, this website provides assistance with grammar, style, MLA formatting, and writing for specific situations.

This website provides assistance with grammar, style, and the writing process as a whole.  It is funded by the Capital Community College Foundation.

Paul Brians covers misused words and phrases commonly found in many forms of writing.  The material on this invaluable website is also available as a physical book or eBook.

Here is a straightforward resource on writing, including tips on avoiding bland diction and how to conduct research.

This handy website streamlines the process of citing sources in MLA format.  Remember, though, that it is capable of making mistakes, so do not use it blindly.

Wording Assistance

Noun, a website containing the meaning, pronunciation, and etymology of each word it recognizes as part of the English language.  The fact that it allows you to hear many words spoken aloud can be helpful for preparing presentations.

If you need to vary your diction, this is one resource you can use.

This website is useful not only for translation but also for discerning the proper usage of a word or phrase in various contexts.

Finding it difficult to rhyme all the time?  Use this website to make your writing, umm, chime.

Websites for Specific Subjects

If you ever need to use the Bible for a paper, then you can look up specific verses here in a huge variety of translations.

This website provides helpful tips on solving algebra problems of various difficulties.

If you put a math problem into this website, then it will show you the step-by-step process of arriving at an answer.  It can be used for all levels of math, everything from pre-algebra to calculus.  Plus, you can make mathematical graphs here.  It also helps with chemistry problems.  Just remember that you won’t be able to use this site on an exam, so only use it if you need a little homework help: relying on it too much will hurt you in the long run.

Here you will find summaries of academic research in the field of science.  This can help whenever you need to validate a point.  Plus, it’s just plain interesting!

General Resources for Academic Work

If you need to look up who said a famous quote or browse famous quotes by topic, then this resource is for you.

No matter what anyone says, Wikipedia is an incredibly helpful starting point for research when you need to familiarize yourself with a topic.  Even though anyone can edit the pages on here, much of the information is accurate.  You can use the sources cited at the bottom of an article to help you find more reliable sources of information, ones you would actually cite in a paper.

This handy website allows you to convert weight, length, area, and more from our “imperial” measuring system to the metric system—and vice versa.

As the name of this website suggests, you can convert one currency to another currency here.

If you need a quick translation to or from a foreign language, this website can help you out.  However, Google’s service isn’t the greatest about sentence structure, so I would recommend using it only to look up quick words or phrases, not entire sentences.  Definitely don’t use it in place of translating sentences yourself.

SparkNotes can be a useful means of understanding difficult books.  However, don’t use this website as an excuse to skip your reading, or you won’t be able to delve deeply into the subject matter in your papers or class discussions.  After all, you need specific quotations for your papers.  The “analysis” section provided for many works isn’t nearly deep enough for college-level writing, though it can give you a helpful starting point for grasping the material.

This website provides a service similar to PowerPoint, but it allows multiple users to work on different parts of it at the same time via the Internet.  This feature makes it particularly useful for group projects.  Although it has other neat-looking features, remember that the content is the most important part of any presentation, not the special effects.

Come here to find out what other students think of the professors on your campus.  Just remember that the opinions posted here might be loaded with bias, so use the website cautiously.

This website can help you look at the undergrad and graduate programs offered by various universities.  It also explores different career fields.

Other Helpful Resources for Productivity and Well-Being

This website allows you to send e-mails to yourself and others in the future.  This can be a helpful means of reminding yourself to complete various tasks.  Just be sure to check that the e-mails aren’t being abandoned in your junk folder!  (Also consider trying if this site doesn’t function properly for you.)

If you need a stopwatch, a countdown timer, or an alarm clock while working on the computer, then this website should serve you well.  (Also consider trying, which has a more user-friendly interface.)

This program allows two Windows computers to connect via the Internet.  One person can use their computer to control another computer far away.  This is called “remote access.”  If your parents or someone else you know constantly needs tech assistance, then download this program to your computer and theirs so you can help them out if they need it.  (The Mac version is here.)

This website allows you to browse volunteer opportunities in your area.

This search engine gives you perfectly fine results while allowing you to help the world.  If you log onto the site, it will donate a penny to the charity of your choosing every time you perform a search.  This adds up over time, especially during research projects.  Make it your default search engine.

This section of explains how you can handle various medical situations you may encounter.  For instance, do you know exactly what to do if someone starts choking, has a heart attack, or suffers from frostbite?  This website can allow you to be prepared for such situations.

This clinical organization provides useful health information, though you shouldn’t use it as a replacement for seeing your doctor.  Remember, you shouldn’t worry so much about grades that you neglect yourself!  Also, be sure to stick with reliable health websites for your own safety.

This website allows you to browse for health information and read user reviews for popular medications.

Student to Student: A Guide to College Life
I would also like to take this opportunity to note that, for Christian readers, the book Student to Student provides many helpful tips for being successful at college while living out your faith.  You can read my review of it here.  This book is available in the Kindle library or as a paperback book for low prices.  To purchase it from Amazon, click here.  It is also available at Barnes and Noble as a Nook book or a typical paper book.  To purchase it from Barnes and Noble (and support brick-and-mortar bookstores!), click here

Due to the ever-changing nature of the Internet, some of the links above may no longer work properly.  If you encounter a broken link, then please send an e-mail to robertman64 (at) hotmail (dot) com so that I can take care of the issue as soon as possible.

Are there any other websites you find particularly helpful for schoolwork?  Feel free to share your thoughts on this list and your suggestions for other students in the comments section below.

Last Updated May 7th, 2015

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