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Believe it or not, I didn’t draw all the beautiful images on this website by myself.  Here are links to the original sources.  Keep in mind that, by linking to these locations, I am in no way approving of everything on the websites.

(Note: Since not all monitors are not the same size, this page won’t appear organized on your screen.  My main point was just to make sure you know where each image comes from.)

Interacting with Students:

Interacting with Professors:

Using Your College’s Resources:

Technology Tips:

Studying Effectively:

Other Tips for Good Grades:

Miscellaneous College Tips:

Researching for Papers:

General Writing Tips:

Writing – Details:

I made this hilarious image all by myself

Transitional Phrases:

Quotations in Academic Papers:
I made this beautiful image all by myself

How Hard is College?:

About Me:
My Mii character as taken from the Nintendo Wii U gaming console

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