Welcome to Learn to Learn 101, a website designed to help young adults adjust to the demands of college life and academic writing.

Up until college, students have their material needs and educational services offered right to them.  However, when going from high school to college, students suddenly have to take full responsibility for their daily living and academic progress.  All these abrupt changes can be incredibly stressful, especially when difficult schoolwork’s added to the mix.

On this website, you’ll find college survival tips on a wide variety of subjects.  These include interacting with professors and other students, healthy study habits, and many little details college officials often overlook.

You will also discover a huge range of tips on academic writing that can benefit not just college students but also high school students and anyone else who wants to make their writing more compelling.  Learn to Learn 101 focuses not on little grammar rules, but rather on the entire process of researching a subject and then constructing a smooth, powerful message about it.

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If you're on a computer, use the links listed on the right side of the screen in order to navigate the pages on this website.  Some mobile devices may require switching pages by using a bar near the top of the screen that says “Home.”  In addition to articles with college advice or writing guidelines, there are pages about me and about this website.

At the end of every page, you will find a downloadable PDF that contains a printer-friendly version of the material.  Feel free to share this advice with anyone who may need it—just be sure to give me (Bobby Miller) credit for it.

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